Monday, November 9, 2015

Vintage Tatting Patterns

Tatting shuttle and Tatting sample
Our Guild has a few members who create beautiful trims by tying knots, a craft known as Tatting. 

Tatting may have originally developed from netting and decorative ropework as sailors and fishermen would put together motifs for girlfriends and wives at home. According to Wikipedia no documentation of or example of tatted lace that dates prior to 1800. All available evidence shows that tatting originated in the early 19th century.

Modern-day tatting can be done with a shuttle (shown above) or with long needles (shown below). 

The original Priscilla Tatting Book, published in 1909 and containing 68 pages of tatting patterns is available online. The book is free and can be read online or even downloaded in several different formats. (Once on the linked page, scroll down for download options.) 

Even if you do not know how to Tat, the book is worth scanning, as the stitch samples are beautiful and intricate. Please share the book link with someone who may be interested in trying some new Tatting designs.  

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