Friday, August 26, 2016

Dividing Yarn for Projects

Dividing a skein of yarn is half is a good way to ensure having an equal amount for a pair of socks, mittens, or mitts.

This tip was posted on the WEBS website 

•  Using a kitchen food scale is the easiest way to split a ball of yarn exactly in half.
•  Weigh the full ball and write that number down so you don’t forget!
•  Wind off your yarn until the scale reads half the original weight.
•  Cut the yarn and you’ll have two equal balls to work from.

This method is also good when working with balls of scrap yarn. Weigh a completed pair of socks, mittens, or mitts to determine the amount of yarn required. Split the scrap yarn into two separate balls for the project. 

Note: If the yarn it self-striping, you may want to wind the balls so the striping will occur in the same sequence. If the scraps are not sufficient for a project, use a solid for heels and or toes - just weigh that yarn along with the other to make sure the needed weight is met. It's also helpful to add a bit more weight than the finished project requires to allow unexpected issues. 

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