Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Exercises for Knitters


An editor of Interweave states, "Are you finding that your hands are sore in odd places? I have the weirdest pain in between my pointer and middle finger on my right hand. It’s a dull ache that is exacerbated by knitting. It must be all of that Christmas knitting catching up with me.

I can’t have my knitting interrupted, so I went searching for some relief. In the Summer 2012 back issue, Rebecca A. Watson wrote an article about avoiding injuries just by doing some easy stretches. They’re helping me already! Here are a few of the ways you can prevent or soothe injuries."

The stretches are not only helpful for knitters, but also those who crochet, spin, sew, and weave. The stretches and exercises can be found on this Interweave Throwback Thursday post.

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