Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Saori Weaving

Saori Weaving is a fun, simple, and creative weaving technique developed in Japan. This technique focuses on the way colors, textures, and fibers work together in the weaving, instead of just how warp and weft combine. (click on the link above for more background on Saori weaving and techniques)

Sometimes termed a method of free-form weaving, Saori weaving encourages your natural creativity when creating the fabric. Fabric woven with Saori techniques can also be sewn using a few simple techniques that highlight the fabric, and keep the cutting and shaping of the fabric to a pleasant minimum.

Due to its focus on colors, free-form weaving, and highlighting textures, Saori weaving is an excellent method to use with naturally dyed or handspun yarns.

A tutorial for weaving a Saori scarf can be found here.

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