Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Natural Dyeing

Natural dyeing can be as simple as collecting tansy leaves from your garden or old tea from your cupboard, placing it and a skein of yarn in a canning jar filled with water out on your porch on a sunny day. Of course, it can be more involved as well—it depends on what colors you’re looking for, the fibers you are dyeing, and the pH levels in your water supply.

There are basic rules to dyeing: know your dye, know your fiber, and know your water.

Interweave offers a free Guide to Dyeing Yarn eBook - an essential guide whether you’re a beginner or are experienced in dyeing. 

This book will help you dive into the basics of hand dyeing yarn and understand the different approaches depending on the fiber, from cotton to wool.

Wearing Woad complied a list of Natural Dyeing Resources that may also be helpful.

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  1. I've only dabbled in natural dyeing but it is a very alluring field of fiber arts. I will look forward to seeing how you enjoy this!