Monday, October 9, 2017

Tips for Longarm Rulerwork

Lisa H Calle shares her insights and tips for using rulers for longarm quilting. "Quilting with rulers, I know the first rulers that come to mind might be rotary cutting rulers. However, I am speaking of quilting rulers or often they are referred to as “templates”. They are implemented for executing those beautiful quilting designs you see magically appear on quilts.

I love teaching beginner classes on quilting rulers to my longarm quilters and yes, even domestic quilters. Usually, I witness students entering my class with the look of apprehension on their faces as if there is no way by the end of our session they will have gained the skills required to use these rulers. Fears such as hitting the template and throwing their machine out of timing is just one of the many “what if’s” I encounter. Just imagine the expression on their faces when they realize that yes it isn’t rocket science and yes they are quite capable of walking out of my class with this skill under their cap. WOW, what a wonderful moment for me and them to behold! So, perhaps you are a novice to quilting, or maybe a seasoned quilter that hasn’t stepped into the world of rulers, if that is the case, I am going to give you my tips for longarm rulerwork."

Lisa's tips on rulerwork can be found here.

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