Monday, December 7, 2015

Back in Time - Wet Felting Program

Is there a better way to spend a Saturday morning than playing with wool? Perhaps, but in 2009 several Fiber Guild members gathered to make "wet felted" balls and prepared some dry balls to be felted in the washing machine for the tree the Guild was preparing for the community fund-raiser, called the Festival of Trees.

Katheryn E. and Lucy O. 
First, roving was carded into batts. Aligning the wool fibers all in the same direction makes felting easier.

Alice G. and Katheryn E.
The wool is carefully removed from the carding drum.

Colleen J.
Then a handful of odd bits of roving are then blanketed in the batt.

Alice G., Kathy M., Jean A., Lucy O., Nancy S. and Leane L.
For "wet felting" the balls were submerged in hot water and then dish soap was applied to the ball. The wool is then worked to allow the fibers to adhere to each other.

We rubbed, rolled, dipped, rubbed, rolled, and dipped for about 15 minutes. Gradually the balls became more compact.

Lucy O., Jean A., Kathy M. and Colleen J.
Once the balls were the size that we wanted, they were rinsed in cold water until the water ran clear.

Lucy O. and Kathy M.
The dry balls were prepared the same way, but they were placed in an old pair of nylons with knots between each ball. One of the ladies felted the wool balls, knotted in three pair of panty hose, in her washing machine.

The felted balls were embellished at the next Guild meeting.

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