Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sewing Machine Needle Cushion

Mary H.'s sewing machine cushion
 Sewists routinely use many types and textures of fabrics, requiring them to change the sewing machine's needle. To obtain the best results, the machine's needle should be suited to the fabric, i.e. a ballpoint needle for knits, a universal needle for cottons, etc.

Guild president, Mary H. is a serious sewist, so she changes needles often. To keep track of the needles, Mary has created her own version of a sewing machine needle cushion. She divided a standard pincushion into segment and labeled the sections with the following abbreviations:

    BP = Ballpoint

    TS = TopStitch

    J = Jeans

    M = Microtex Sharp

    U = Universal

    S = Stretch

    J = Jersey

   Ti = Titanium

this photo shows that a category can have more than one size of needle,
so Mary created sub-sections, too
 Mary says commercially produced needle cushions can be purchased, but she used what she had.

If you want to make your own sewing machine needle cushion, tutorials can be found here and here.

Information on how to choose the right sewing machine needle for fabrics and projects can be found here and here.

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