Monday, January 4, 2016

Back in Time - Spring Retreat 2014

Mary (our instructor) reviews Jeni and Jean's work. 
The first Fiber Guild retreats were held on a warm Saturday in May 2014. Two, all-day classes were offered: Beginning Crochet and Dyeing Natural Fiber.

Cheryl (the instructor's assistant) checks Vicky and Jeni's progress.
Near the end of the class, Vicky was crocheting with a tiny hook and
crochet thread. Each person mastered Single and Double Crochet and
started a Granny Square. 
Instructors for the classes were Guild members, and they were paid a stipend for their expertise.

Colleen (plaid shirt) was the instructor for the dyeing
class. She raises sheep and angora rabbits and has a
small yarn shop on her farm. 
Rachel (a new Guild member) and LeAnn tend their
dyeing pots. 
Maia watches as Sally adds dye to the dye pot.
The Beginning Crochet class had 9 students, and the Dyeing Natural Fiber had 7 students.

Another retreat was held in 2015 at the Lander Senior Citizens' Center. Previous posts of the 2015 retreat can be seen here and here (retreat class discussed at the end of this post).

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