Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lace Making

Lace Making is nearly a lost art, but at least one of our Guild members (Laura B.) has created bobbin lace.

Lorelei Halley's website is for those who love to make lace, who want to learn lace making, or who love to collect lace.

Bobbin lace is her specialty, and the site is mostly dedicated to that craft.

However, Lorelei also creates needle lace, pulled thread work and Hardanger embroidery.

On her website you will find descriptions of the working methods of many forms of hand made lace, and lessons for bobbin lace, needle lace, pulled thread embroidery (also called drawn fabric embroidery) and Hardanger embroidery.  She has included information on books for needle lace, as well as links to a few tutorials.

The website has free patterns for:

Bobbin Lace

Needle Lace

Browse the website for other types of lace and patterns

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