Monday, March 21, 2016

Using a Blending Board

Sali A. demonstrates how she uses a blending board
March 2016
After the Guild meeting on Saturday, Sali A. demonstrated how she uses a blending board to mix colors for spinning.

Once Sali had several layers of various colors, she rolled the wool on to wooden dowels, creating a tube. She then removed the dowels and the wool was ready to be spun. When spinning, Sali pulls the fiber from the center of the tube, and is always surprised at the different colors that emerge.

Sali A. rolls the fiber from the blending board onto the dowels, creating a tube.
tubes of blended fiber, yarn spun from the tube, swatches knit from the yarn
The photo above shows the tubes of blended fiber: note the white fiber on the right extending from the tube. Sali pulls the fiber out of the center of the tube as she spins. The hank and cake of yarn show the results of the blended fiber. The knit swatches reflect how the blended fiber would look in a project.

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