Monday, May 30, 2016

Show and Tell - May

Brenda H. and Jeni V. show the silk scarves they dyed
in the class originally scheduled for the Spring Retreat
Jeni V. displays the second scarf that she dyed.
Brenda H. also dyed a second scarf in the silk scarf dyeing class.  
Brenda H. brought a cowl that she knit with
Peruvian wool
Alice B. shows the beginning of a knit pig. She
knits the animals for babies. 
Colleen J. is knitting a variation of the Wing Span
shawl with three colors of wool 
Sandy W. shows a Wurm Hat that she knit with two
different yarns.  
Sandy W. brought two sizes of Turtle spindles to the meeting. 
Sandy uses a small tin to store and transport the spindle and roving
Sandy showed how the spindle creates a small
center-pull cake of single-ply yarn. Her spinning
is as fine as crochet thread. 

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