Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Silk Scarf Dyeing

Brenda H. and Jeni V. were in the first class,
 and both created a confetti-like scarf 
Originally, the Silk Scarf Dyeing class was scheduled for the Spring Retreat, but when the retreat was cancelled, those that signed up expressed an interest in having the class later. To accommodate the schedules of the participants, the class was offered on two separate dates.

Two guild members attended the first session, and during the two-hour class, they each dyed two silk scarves with bleeding art tissue.

Jeni V. displays her second scarf with blocks of color
Brenda H. used more color in her second scarf. 
Seven individuals came to the second session - five guild members and two guests. Designs became more detailed as the night progressed.

Rachel B. (shown on the right) brought her sister Sarah B. to the class.
Both created scarves with a floral theme.
Sandy W. created a gift for a friend who raises pigs
Sandy W. brought her youngest son, Jordan to the class. He created gifts for
his grandmother. Mary H. cuts and places paper sticks on her scarf. 
Jane W. prepares orange blocks for her design.
Rachel creates "flames" for her second scarf and Vicky
decided to add a flock of sheep to hers.
Jane W. adds black and brown while Sarah B. decides on
the placement of tissue for her second scarf. 
Vicky B. prepares the multiple pieces to create
a flock of sheep grazing on a grassy field.
After placing all the pieces on tissue on the scarf, Mary H.
carefully sprays them with vinegar water.
For her second scarf, Sandy W. creates large flowers.  
Adding the final spritz of vinegar water before sealing
the scarf in plastic wrap. 
Hopefully, these ladies will bring the finished scarves to the June meeting for Show and Tell.

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