Monday, April 17, 2017

Grafting Lace

Joni Coniglio explains the difference between One-Sided and Two-Sided lace on an Interweave post.

In addition, over the next couple of months, she will show how to graft five two-sided lace patterns top-to-bottom (grafting live stitches to a provisional cast-on row) so that the join is completely invisible.

She will start by taking a close look at the stitches that will be used to graft all five lace patterns and will practice creating them on two stockinette stitch swatches (so the focus is on the stitches themselves and not on the lace pattern). Once you are comfortable creating stitches on stockinette stitch using a tapestry needle and a strand of yarn, you can apply what you’ve learned to grafting the lace patterns. Along the way, Joni will show you how each stitch that is created with a tapestry needle fits into the chart for each lace pattern. Before you know it, you’ll be grafting patterns that you once thought were well beyond the scope of your experience. 

Check out her post, An Education in Lace Grafting: Grafting Two-Sided Lace on Interweave. You might want to subscribe to Interweave's newsletter to receive notification of the updates.

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