Wednesday, September 30, 2015

American & English Longdraw - Professional Development

Vicky B., Brianna F., Salli A., Colleen J., Dawn P, and Cinde P. prepare cotton bolls for
spinning to learn how to spin with short fibers. 
Saturday afternoon, nine spinners learned the difference between American and English Longdraw and how the techniques can be used with different fibers.

By holding on to the seed in the cotton, spinners were able to spin the
short cotton fibers on to their yarn. 
 Maggie Casey gave each participant a cotton boll and showed them how to fluff the cotton fiber, hold on to the see within it, and spin the short cotton fibers. By working with cotton, students could see how they might use the technique when spinning with other short fibers like cashmere.

Sandy W. and Sabrina S. prepare some yarn
for a lesson. 
Spinning participants display their yarn
Dawn P., Salli A., Colleen J., Sandy W., Maggie Casey, and Cinde P.
Kris P., Kylie S., Brianna F., Sabrina S., and Vicky B.
Not pictured: Laura B.
Riverton, WY
September 26, 2015

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