Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Boucle Spinning - Professional Development

Saturday morning's class was eager to learn a new technique.
September 26, 2015
Saturday morning, nine spinners brought their wheels for the second day of classes with Maggie Casey. The morning class spun two fibers together (merino and adult mohair) to create a boucle yarn.

Sandy W., Sabrina S., Kylie S., and Vicky B. first spin with merino
Riverton, WY
September 26, 2015
Salli A., Laura B., Colleen J., and Dawn P. prepare their first assignment
to spin a length of merino roving. 
First the students spun a section of merino and then added the mohair.

Colleen J.  
Laura B. begins the process of "abusing" the yarn
 to create the boucles.
Once the spinners had a length of merino and mohair spun, then they headed to the kitchen. The sample hanks were submerged into very hot water with dish soap and used sink plungers to agitate the wool. After a time, the yarn was then plunged into ice water to force the fibers to shrink; thus, causing the mohair to create the boucle loops. The process was repeated at least twice.

Vicky B. whacks her yarn on the kitchen counter.
The final step in the process was whacking the yarn against the kitchen counter or on the railing outside the building. The "abused" yarn became curly boucle.

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