Monday, September 28, 2015

Drop Spindle Class - Professional Development

Maggie Casey explains how to determine fiber length  to Sandy W.,
Dana H., Vicky B., Jeni V., and Sabrina S.
September 25, 2015
Riverton, WY
Every two years the Guild offers opportunities for members to receive instruction from professionals. The topics (spinning, weaving, knitting/crochet) are covered on a rotation schedule, and 2015 was the year for spinning.

Two years ago, the Workshop committee contacted Maggie Casey,  a well-known spinner and author from Boulder, CO, and booked her for two days of professional development.

Maggie Casey demonstrates how to determine fiber length
On Friday, Maggie povided a full day of instruction on Drop Spindle spinning to five eager students. All but one of the students had a wide range of experience with the drop spindle, but Maggie provided new techniques for the participants. The group learned the proper way to handle the drop spindle, determine fiber length, spin the fiber into yarn, wind bobbins, and ply the yarn.

Vicky B. tries a new method of holding
the fiber
Sabrina S. concentrates on getting the right twist.
Maggie Casey assists Jeni V. with her technique.

Dana H. enjoyed spinning and visiting. 
Maggie Casey uses the Spolmaskin to transfer the yarn from
the drop spindle to a bobbin.
After spinning enough yarn for two bobbins,
 Sandy W. prepares to ply the two together
using a lazy kate. 
Sandy W. plies the yarn from two bobbins.
Vicky B. and Jeni V. ply yarn
onto Vicky's spindle. 
Plied yarn is wound on a niddy noddy 
Sample of yarn that was spun and plied
by the students.
Drop Spindle students proudly show their success.
Jeni V., Sabrina S., Sandy W., and Magie Casey
Vicky B. and Dana H.
September 25, 2015
Riverton, WY

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  1. What a great accomplishment to have everything come together for the Maggie Casey workshop! Great pictures! Looks like everyone had a grand time!