Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Knit Bib Patterns

Grammy Duo pattern
Down Cloverlaine blog

Looking for a quick and attractive gift for a baby? Then look no further than Down Cloverlaine where Elaine generously provides her cute bib and cloth patterns (and a couple of sweaters and some accessories, too) free for interested knitters.

Click on the blog link above and then explore the pattern list in the righthand colum on Elaine's blog.

While bibs like the Grammy Duo, shown above, are decorative, many others have seasonal and/or delightful characters knit into the basic bib pattern.

You will find that most designs are available for both bibs AND cloths. For example, here are the links to a cute squirrel bib and cloth, and an adorable moose bib and cloth.  Bibs are shown below.

Oh, Nuts! bib design
Merry Christmoose bib design
Please observe copyright for Elaine's patterns:
    •  Permission is granted to make and sell items from Elaine's patterns provided that credit is given to Elaine as the designer.
    •  Permission is NOT granted to reproduce the actual pattern, or post it, or distribute it, without her express permission.   (Note: Elaine approved this post.)

Elaine and her designs can also be found on Ravelry where she is known as "cloverlaine." If you like her patterns, please send her a Ravelry message or email (given on her blog at the top of the righthand column)

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