Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Show and Tell - Knitting

Vicky B. knit a cute pumpkin.
The yarn that she spun at the Maggie Cassey
weekend, shown in lower left corner

Jeni V. wore a cowl that she knit

Kylie S. is starting a sweater and is
working on a swatch

Sabrina S. knit her sweater and is holding
the yarn she spun (long draw) following
the Maggie Casey weekend.

Brianna F. displays a shawl that she knit from yarn that she spun.

Rachel B. made this men's vest

Salli A. knit a mobius scarf

Colleen J. is knitting a Stephen West pattern

Colleen J. also knit a shawlette

Colleen J. designed and knit this hat that
incorporates tailspun mohair.

Laura B. is knitting a pair of socks with wool
leftover from a sweater
Salli A. shared a knitting "failure" with the group
Salli A. was given some wool and after she spun it into yarn, she intended to knit and full (felt) some mittens in return for the wool. Unfortunately, everything she tried to do to full (felt) the knit mittens would not work. She tried hot water, soapy water with agitation, and even threw them into the dryer, and beat on the mittens, but the mittens refused to shrink or full. A group discussion resulted, and members learned that the wool from some breeds of sheep does not shrink or felt.

Salli A. 

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