Thursday, October 22, 2015

Show and Tell - Sewing

Mary H. shared the bowls she made with her sewing machine.
The bowls are constructed rope and fabric. The one in
Mary's right hand, used 60 yards of paracord. 
Under dress
Mary is a seamstress and often does alterations for individuals. She explained that this project was started by a beginning sewist and was never completed, so the girl's grandmother asked Mary to finish the dress and outer dress. The slippery fabric is challenging even for experienced seamstress, and not a good choice for a beginner, but Mary said that some of the dress was sewn when she received it.

Over dress
The over dress was in pieces when Mary received it, so she assembled them and put in the zipper by "hand-picking." The two dresses still need to be hemmed before presenting them to a grateful grandmother.

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